Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Blogging Tips For Firmly Establishing Your Blog

Some of the best blogging tips you can received are also the most simple to understand and follow. If you aspire to develop and operate a popular blog within your niche there is one word you must keep in mind: FOCUS.

To establish a popular site you will need plenty of blog traffic to help boost your search engine rankings and visitor referrals. How then is the best way to attract the typical blog reader and keep them coming back?

Here are 3 grass root 'tips' you will want to keep in mind for attracting blog traffic as you lean over your keyboard pounding out your next post.

Maintain Just ONE Blog

There are many bloggers online who agree that focusing on just one site allows you to put more effort and quality into that blog. Jumping from one site to the next and trying to do your best sets the stage for less effort, less quality and less traffic. The only thing you will see an increase in is FRUSTRATION.

Use Social Network Sites

To properly participate at any of these sites you will need to invest some time, much like a blog. It therefore stands to reason once again that you can easily spread yourself too thin working too many of theses sites.

There are only so many hours to the day and if you intend to get 'real' results from any of these social sites it is best to focus your efforts. Therefore choose your favorite site(s) with the best potential for exposure and become a fixture there.

Post Comments on Other Blogs

Either from a learning standpoint or in an attempt to increase your own blog traffic you should go out into your community and visit other (similar) blogs. Participate in the conversations if you are intrigued or post comments about particular entries. It is both important and polite however to only post comments when they are constructive and not for the purpose of traffic generation. If you leave enough 'quality' comments you can gain a considerable amount of blog traffic from the backlinks you receive

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