Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to be a good teacher

In addition, must have enough knowledge about what to teach, a good teacher must have good communication skills. Good communication skills in front of the classroom as well as communication between individuals. Because a good teacher should be able to find ability owned by his learner, develop and direct it to achieve their goals.

A good teacher needs to have empathy when interacting with his learner. He did not look same at all the learner because each learner has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Each learner is a unique individual. So every learner will feel comfortable in learning. They will not be embarrassed to ask or express opinions. Finally,  the learning process will rely more active because it runs two directions.

A good teacher is not too focused on the grade obtained by the students. He will not be angry if there are learner who scored less well. Because the most important thing is how he could understand the potential of the learner and motivate them so they can correct worth it. He does not act like a judge who said this is wrong or right, but more like a football coach who helped lead his team to making goal.

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