Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Back Up Your Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

When our computers are crushed and must be reinstalling, we should back up important data from the hard drive for we can use again when the computer was recovered. But there is one important data that I often miss when having such a thing, ie Back up your browser Bookmarks.

There we are storing some important data about our online information that we collected for a long time. If it also be deleted is a pity because we have to start collecting all the information from the beginning. And how to back up and restore the Mozilla Firefox browser Bookmarks? Easy ... here's how ...

Choose Bookmarks menu on Mozilla Firefox and than choose Show All Bookmarks (Crtl+Shift+B)

Then comes the LIBRARY window and select Import and Backup Bookmarks menu

Specify the storage location and complete.

How To Restore Your Bookmarks

It is easy, doing the same thing, but on the Bookmarks Import and Backup menu, select Restore, select CHOOSE FILE. Find a place where we store Bookmarks and complete. All of our Mozilla Firefox bookmarks back to normal.

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