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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

If you wish to see your web site on the first few pages of important search engines an wish to have a respectable Google page rank then you need to optimize your website intelligently. Advertising on various websites could be a good idea but I think on page optimization would give far better results in the long run.

SEO Plan

Whenever you start something you prepare a plan. The plan should be executable and not something that cannot be achieved. Once you make a plan stick to it. Try to achieve the goals one by one and within the time schedule. If you are able to achieve your goals earlier than scheduled then you can work more for the site and can work more on the sites optimization.

Keyword research

Your website's search engine optimization should start with keyword research. You must prioritize this and spend a good amount of time in analyzing the keywords. After your research is over, you may even have to change the keywords but they would surely help. If you have human resource then you may start with competitive keywords and if you are doing it alone then you may optimize for less competitive keywords. There are many keyword tools; you may use Google Adwords Keywords tool for th purpose.

Competitor Analysis

Once you finalize your keywords you must compare them with your competitors. This comparison would help you know the real difference between your site and your competitor's web site. You can check the number of backlinks that your competitor has and then you can get an idea of how many backlinks you need to compete. For this you may use tools like

OnPage Optimization

OnPage optimization may not be important for a search engine but it is an important aspect and it is something which brings back readers to your site. Onpage optimization is for your use and not for the Google spider to crawl.

You should have titles and headers that carry your most relevant keywords and have then in bolds. You need to optimize for keywords, backlinks, meta tags and also images.

Avoid Black hat techniques

You may be lured by some techniques that may give immediate results rather than using time consuming and analytical measures. Such techniques do give sudden positive results but at a later stage you may be caught by Google and banned. It is always better to use white hat techniques and patiently wait for fruitful results

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