Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Does Not Make Money Online

Do you know why you are not able to make money online with your blog with all your efforts going in vain? Keep on reading this post as this post covers top 10 reasons that are directly applying on your blog due to which you are not able to monetize your blog traffic effectively:

The first impression is that last impression.

If you have a spammy homepage with a dozen ads that promise thousands of dollars in a week, there is a high chance most visitors will be put off. Your visitors like a website to be elegant and not filled with loads of blinking banners across the face of their screen. A spammy looking website simply does not look professional or gain the trust of your visitor.

Your recent posts seem to date three months back. And your latest post is a lame post on how sorry you are to not update your blog regularly. Reasons such as "Busy", "Note felt Like" are hardly pleasing to read. If this how your visitor is welcomed to your blog, then rest assured that you have lost a reader and may be a potential money making opportunity.

An "About" page is very important.

Tthe lack of these pages take away any credibility to the content you produce. No matter how good they are. Most people are quire curious to know the author behind the blog. It adds a personal touch and an "About" page is a great way to connect to readers. Lack of Contact page is perhaps the most unprofessional thing you can do.

Most bloggers fail to optimize the revenue potential of their blog. 

On some blogs PPC ads simply do not work. The point is to understand what kind of monetization works best for your content. Maybe selling affiliate products would fetch you more money than the regular PPC campaigns.

No Offer Value
There is no point trying to make money if the articles you post do not offer value to the readers. Unless you provide your readers with some information that they can use, they will never care about your blog. Readers want something they can use or something which makes them happy.

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